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Digital AirWeivs 2: WEi X BLESS

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Digital AirWeivs is a podcast talk show that digs into the lives of DJs, Musicians, Artists and Industry locals. What they do for a living and a little more about themselves as an individual rather than what is only portrayed through media. This podcast is an open format show based around organic conversations.

For this second episode we have Derek Barros AKA DJ Bless; DJ, Producer, Entrepreneur, and a USMC Veteran. His recent event "In Good Company" (featured on SF Weekly) unfolded without a hitch and was a strategic assortment of good company. Hear about his lifestyle, what he does, and a special 30mix in the end.

Intro Track: Bless - Money Ain't a Thing (Original Mix) 21:00min - ID 43:00min - Guest Mix by our Special Guest DJ BLESS.

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