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Wei to 2019 ~ Digital AirWeivs EP.1 Remastered & Rereleased

A couple reasons why I am creating this Blog space on my website. To keep myself from creating content online and creating it on a platform where we are not binded by Facebook. With all that being said, a few things to be introduced. I have taken the time to ReMaster & ReReleased my first episode of my Digital AirWeivs Podcast show which I will be ramping back up in 2019. The first episode features the first special guest William Newton AKA Willaa. He is a DJ, Producer, manages Pizza and Techno, and an all around Full-Time Creative Entrepreneur. The organic conversations in the first episode is something that I really love to preserve and highlight, and due to that, I have Re-Polished this first recording session and ReReleased it on Soundcloud. Future episodes will be featured on itunes as well. Willaa: Next Pizza and Techno Party:

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